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Public Works

Parks & Recreational Facilities Improvement Projects


Making improvements to City parks is a solid investment in our community and an assurance that the quality of life in Fairfield is maintained at a high standard. The projects below are on the list this year to help improve the safety and vibrancy of our City parks:

Allan Witt Community Park - Renovation Plan  

As part of the Community Spaces Initiative, a comprehensive analysis of the park was conducted that provided the background for the revitalization of the park as shown through a new park renovation plan.  The plan will focus on community needs while looking to reduce blight and crime.  After more than a year of public process, the City Council adopted the renovation plan at their March 20, 2019, City Council Meeting.  The renovation plan report and 5 year implementation strategy can be found here.

Linear Park Trail and the Central Fairfield Corridor - Revitalization Plan 

The Community Spaces Initiative also targets the revitalization of the trail corridor area from Pennsylvania to Dover Avenue for community enjoyment, activity, and integration with the surrounding community while reducing blight and crime. The effort was based on urban design and planning, tied strongly with creative community engagement, and an understanding of the complexity of mobility. After more than a year of public process, the City Council adopted the plan at their March 20, 2019, City Council Meeting. The revitalization plan report and 5-year implementation strategy can be found here. 

Click here for a summary of the Dog Park Stakeholder Meeting held on April 10, 2019.

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Event Flyers

Open House - All Inclusive Playgrounds & Park Renovation Updates
Pop Up Event - Allan Witt Community Park Rotary Skate Park

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