Pop-Up Emergency Shelter pilot program begins

The City of Fairfield, in partnership with City Church, has implemented a Pop-Up Emergency Shelter pilot program, to serve up to nine homeless individuals with temporary shelter, case management, job placement, and housing navigation, with the ultimate goal of connection to permanent housing. The pilot program will operate for six months and referrals will be made through the City’s Homeless Services Division and Police Homeless Intervention Team.

In order to provide a place for homeless persons to take shelter who might otherwise spend the night on the streets, sidewalks, or parks of the city, the City’s Homeless Services Division continues to make efforts to increase availability and access to emergency shelter on an overnight basis. “We understand that some of our homeless folks are not ready to go into other available shelter, so this is where our Pop-Up Emergency Shelter comes into place. This half-step will help us work with homeless individuals to help them transition to more long-term housing, when they are ready,” says Dawn La Bar, Homeless Services Manager. “This program will meet another need in the continuum of homeless services for those who are seeking and/or open to a short-term way off the streets, thus allowing our skilled service providers to assist them in getting them stable and housed permanently.”

The Homeless Services Division understands that The Way Home is not the same for everyone. This is where collaborative partnerships and resources come into play to ensure we help these individuals on their way to exiting homelessness. For additional information about the City’s efforts to address homelessness, please visit fairfield.ca.gov/thewayhome.